Imagine Math-Helping your student succeed at school and at home

Dear Parent or Caregiver,

Welcome! Your student has been enrolled in Imagine Math for the new school year! Imagine Math is an adaptive, interactive math program that teaches math skills at your student's skill level and helps them practice what they've learned. To learn more about Imagine Math, visit programs/ math.


Your Student's Experience in Imagine Math

Imagine Math uses a standards-based curriculum to teach and reinforce math skills from basic numeracy to Geometry.

Imagine Math PreK-2 is designed for young learners and focuses on early math skills like counting, numbers and

operations, and logical reasoning. Early learners are immersed in a storybook environment with lovable characters that engage students and illustrate how math exists throughout their world. As your student plays Imagine Math PreK-2,

they can visit different locations like a treehouse, playground, forest, or barn to play math lessons and solve problems.

Imagine Math Grade 3+ focuses on math skills for students in Grade 3-8, Algebra 1, and Geometry with conceptual, standards-aligned lessons. If your student needs extra help, they can text chat with live, state-certified math teacher and see calculations on the screen. As your student completes math lessons, they earn points that they can use to

contribute to class competitions, donate to qualified local and national charities, or buy enhancements for their avatar.

Using Imagine Math at Home

Your student can access Imagine Math in a web browser from any computer or tablet (no smartphones) by logging in w it h the URL and login information below. Check mathtech to ensure that your

computer or tablet meets the minimum technical requirements. To maintain your student's personalized learning path and report accurate growth and progress, only students who are officially enrolled in Imagine Math should use it at home.

Supporting Your Student's Progress

You can help your student succeed by being involved in their Imagine Math experience. Follow these recommendations to get the most out of Imagine Math this school year:

  • Encourage your student to use Imagine Math at Provide a distraction-free workspace and let your student work alone to figure out math problems.
  • Stay involved in your student's Imagine Math Ask them what activities and lessons they've completed or what competitions or charities they're donating their points to.
  • Review your student's progress with their Discuss your student's overall progress, test results, growth towards state and national standards, and skill areas w here your student may be struggling.