Register for the Imagine Learning Parent Portal

Recommendations for Use Because Imagine Math is web-based, your child can access the program from any computer that is connected to the Internet, whether at school, home, or the library. Below are few recommendations to help you and your child get the most of out of using Imagine Math:

  • Encourage participation. The more time your child engages with the Imagine Math, the more they will experience success and the more they will learn.
  • Encourage thoughtfulness. Imagine Math provides constant support and immediate feedback, especially in those places where students tend to struggle.
  • Take time to review your child’s Imagine Math dashboard and discuss lessons completed, lessons passed, and points earned.

Follow Your Child’s Progress Using Your Parent Portal

1. Sign up for a parent portal account at

2. Submit your information! Please include your First Name, Last Name and email address 

3. Check your email! After you've submitted your information, you will receive an email to set up your account password. 

4. Login & Link a Student! Enter your child's Imagine Math username and password. 

  • Student credentials must be obtained from your school or district math dept.  
  • Teachers or School Administrators send home the student's Start Card upon your request.

Happy monitoring! Once you've linked your student(s), you will be able to monitor their progress on Imagine Math. Remember, Imagine Math allows you to link more than one child when you have multiple Mathematicians in your family!