What campus support is offered for middle school students?

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Each Middle School has a Migrant Strategist who works collaboratively with campus principal, assistant principals, teachers, counselors, nurses, and support staff. All supplemental services are first directed to Priority of Services (PFS) Migrant Students. The supplemental services provided to Migrant Students are:


  • Migrant Lab Teacher has students assigned to the classroom and provides remediation in reading, writing, and math and or grade recovery.
  • Migrant External Tutor (pending funding)
  • Migrant Strategists ensures that students are provided instructional and support services: placement into Migrant Lab, verification of grades from receiving states/other school districts, monitoring academic progress, academic advisement, analyzing individual student data, and coordination of services with migrant and non-migrant staff.
  • Before and after school tutoring
  • Grade 5 and 8 STAAR Summer School Remediation
  • Project SMART
  • School Supplies
  • Homework assistance tools: laptops, calculators, dictionaries/thesauruses
  • In-state university campus visits
  • Migrant Club focusing on leadership development
  • Migrant Parent Meetings
  • Staff Meetings
  • Social Service Referrals