What campus support is offered for High School students?

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Donna High School and Donna North High School share the Migrant Counselor. Each high school has two Migrant Strategists (one for 9th & 10th grade and one for 11th and 12th grade). The staff members work cohesively with non-migrant staff members as they supplement their work. All supplemental services are first directed to Priority of Service (PFS) Migrant Students. The supplemental services provided to Migrant Students are:


  • Edmentum Courseware Software Application (more than 20 courses including core content subjects)
  • Migrant/Edmentum Lab-Teacher made packets, credit-by-exams.
  • Migrant Strategists ensure that students are on course to graduate, apply to universities, verify grades with other school districts in-State & Out-State, leadership activities,
  • before and after school tutoring including Saturdays
  • Summer School Enrichment Courses
  • Migrant University Summer Experience Program
  • School Supplies
  • In-State & Out-of-State University Campus visits
  • CLOSE-UP Program - Washington D.C.
  • Migrant Club focusing on migrant students’ issues & community services
  • Migrant Parent Meetings
  • Staff meetings
  • Use of Lap-Tops, and calculators
  • Vouchers for Vision, Hearing & Dental
  • Vouchers for Texas Success Initiative Assessment
  • Clothing (Pending funds)