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Donna ISD Celebrates Legendary Teachers at Annual Banquet

The Donna Independent School District held its Legendary Teacher of the Year Banquet on April 18th, showering recognition on its most exceptional educators. Superintendent Dr. Angela Dominguez, district administrators, campus principals and family members of our esteemed guests gathered to celebrate the evening. The ceremony honored teachers representing all 20 Donna ISD campuses, acknowledging their dedication and the positive impact they have on students.

Sharing the spotlight equally were Ms. Jennifer Hernandez from D. M. Sauceda Middle School S.T.E.A.M. Academy and Ms. Erika Quintanilla from Lenoir Elementary.

Secondary TOY

Ms. Hernandez, an 8th grade math teacher who was selected as Secondary District Teacher of the Year, emphasizes engaging, student-tailored instruction as her method of teaching. “Incorporating games like Simon Says and Quizizz makes learning fun, interactive and enjoyable,” Hernandez said. “Teaching them the importance of math in the real-world applications like financial literacy helps my students prepare for the future. Building strong relationships is also a priority because teaching goes beyond academics.”

Elementary TOY

Ms. Quintanilla took home the title of Elementary District Teacher of the Year. As she celebrates her 5th year teaching, Quintanilla credits her 5th-grade teacher, Ms. Paula Green, for inspiring her career path. “Ms. Green was the epitome of a great inspirational teacher,” Quintanilla reflected. “She challenged us and provided the best real-life learning experiences I have not forgotten. She’s the reason I work with heart and soul to create a classroom filled with learning experiences that spark curiosity and critical thinking skills, empowering students for the future.”

Members of the Donna ISD Board of Trustees presented each Teacher of the Year with a glass award. Hernandez and Quintanilla were also awarded a certificate. Superintendent Dominguez, in her remarks, praised the educators for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to student success.

"This evening is a testament to the incredible talent and dedication we have within the Donna ISD family," Dr. Dominguez said. "Ms. Hernandez and Ms. Quintanilla, along with all our campus Teachers of the Year, exemplify the passion and commitment that go into shaping young minds every day. Their innovative approaches, genuine care, and dedication to student success create learning environments that inspire and empower. We are incredibly fortunate to have such remarkable educators. This award is a well-deserved recognition of their outstanding work, and we know their students will carry the lessons they learn far beyond the classroom walls. Congratulations to all our Teachers of the Year!".