Purchasing Manual

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Welcome to the Purchasing Department


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    ***Notice to All Vendors***

    Vendor Resources:

    Vendor Application Packet


    Effective immediately, only vendors who submit a current (2022) completed vendor application packet will be able to do business with Donna Independent School District. 

    The Vendor Application Packet is located on the Donna I.S.D. Purchasing Department website (see the link listed above). The completed vendor packet should be emailed to

    Vendors may also mail the packet to Donna I.S.D., Purchasing Department, 116 N. 10th Street, Donna, Tx. 78537 or hand deliver it to the same address. 

    If you have any questions, you should contact the Purchasing Department staff at (956) 464-1620. 


    Mission Statement:

    The Purchasing Department's Mission is to continually identify and incorporate innovative purchasing practices that will support the teaching, and service efforts of Donna ISD.


    Vision Statement:

    Our Vision is to create customer satisfaction by providing value and efficiency to each purchase request while adhering to the District's policy, state law, and sound business practices.





    A system for the evaluation of vendor performance is an important aspect of purchasing.  Problems encountered by a particular school or department can be avoided by other District entities when these occurrences are documented and communicated to the Purchasing Department.  This record of information about vendor performance is very important in the evaluation of the vendor. Factors to consider for inclusion in the evaluation are:

    • Timeliness of deliveries
    • Service availability
    • Completeness and accuracy of order
    • Quality of products or services received


    If the problem is not resolved or continues, written notification stating the problem, the corrective action required and the vendor’s failure to correct the problem will be considered a breach of contract and could result in the cancellation of the contract.   Please document the information on the Vendor Complaint Form and email a copy to the Purchasing Director, Joe Smedley at



    Donna ISD Purchasing Department is pleased to announce that we are instituting our e-Bidding process. ALL vendors, regardless of whether they’re currently registered with Donna ISD or not, will need to go to the website listed below to register their company so that notifications of upcoming bids can be received. You will also be able to complete and submit your bid on-line. Please take a moment to register at this site. If you should have any questions, please contact the Purchasing Department for assistance. As always, we appreciate your interest in Donna Independent School District.