• #PAC


    • Adhere to district policy and administrative procedures

    • Model the highest level of professionalism

    • Be organized, knowledgeable, get the job done

    • Engage in respectful interactions and provide high quality customer service 


    • Ensure safe and orderly schools

    • Exhibit instructional leadership aligned to principal learning

    • Be a relentless and passionate leader by addressing issues/Holding “Crucial Conversations” AND HOLDING EVERYONE ACCOUNTABLE

    • Monitor your expectations… Inspect What You Expect

    • No excuses, deliver results


    • Set the campus vision with a focus on learning and ensure that it is routinely communicated and exemplified in the work

    • Set and articulate crystal clear expectations for all staff on performance, attendance and  professionalism

    • Communicate early and often (7 times, 7 different ways)

    • Listen, serve, and support