• Department Goals

    Goal 1: Instructional Coaching

    • Administrators will conduct 3 weekly observations of 15 minutes each and provide those teachers weekly face to face instructional coaching aligned to Get Better Faster. (The 3 teachers will be the same teachers for a full semester.)

    • Tracking evidence will demonstrate teacher growth and development. 

    Goal 2: Campus Leadership Team Meeting Development

    • Weekly Leadership Team meetings that are on the calendar and a part of the long range plan. 

    • Leadership to be composed of administrators (curriculum specialist, deans, asst. principals), lead teachers, and lead counselor.

    • All meetings must have an agenda, sign-in, presentations, hand-outs.

    • All meetings should be conducted in alignment with the Leadership Team Rubric.

    Goal 3: T-TESS

    • Administrators will conduct 8-10 weekly walkthroughs of 5-10 minutes each to provide support and feedback for planning, instruction, learning environment, and professional practices and responsibilities.

    • Calibration and interrater reliability activities will be part of district level training and principals will be expected to incorporate those practices at the campus level.