2020-2021 School Board recongintion month

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    Our mission statement 


    The primary mission of the Maintenance & Energy Department is to serve the needs of students, faculty , and staff

    by maintaining and improving the physical enviroment and facilities of the Donna Independent School District. In this

    role, the maintenance & Energy Department carries out its mission by providing professional support in the areas of

    Construction, HVAC, Grounds, Locksmith, Electrical, Integrated Pest Management, Painting, Plumbing, Carpentry, Welding

    and Safety Compliance.


    Maintenance & Energy employees are dedicated to the concept of improving productivity and effectiveness through more efficent

    use of time and materials, implementation of new technology and equipment, and improving skills through training and seminars. It is recongnized

    that the major strengths of the Maintenance & Energy Department are the employees and available resources used in the performance of its work.

    This is the strengthened by the support and commitment of the Administration and Board of Trustees to providing a well -maintained and

    developed District. By this commitment, we are able to provide support to the academic excellence and educational programs of the

    Donna Independent School District.


    The Maintenance & Energy management team is committed to treating employees with dignity and respect, fostering positive

    attitudes and acceptable behavior; recongnizing satisfactory employee performance, administering policies fairly, and

    communicating the plans and directions of the department to all employees.


    The Maintenance & Energy Department is located at 200 S. 3rd Street, You may reach us by

    telephone at (956) 461-8950.