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    What are the benefits of ACE?

    • Attend School
    • Improve math, reading, science, and social studies skills
    • Develop better social skills and learn to handle conflicts
    • Build self-esteem and confidence in academic abilities
    • Pass core subjects
    • Complete high school 
    • Be prepared for college and the workforce
    • Have higher aspirations for the future
  • College Readiness

    Wear your favorite college/university shirt every Thursday with Khaki bottoms!
    ¡Usa tu playera favorita de tu universidad/colegio preferido todos los jueves con pantalones khaki!

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    "Fashion-ista Fridays"

    Students do not have to wear their uniform on Fridays only if...

    1. They attend school EVERY DAY of the week.

    2. They are not tardy during the week.

    3. They have no early releases during the week.




    "Earn Sailor Cash"

    1. $1 a day for attendance

    2. $10 for all "A" in the report card

    3. $7 for "A"&"B" in the report card

    4. $4 for all "B" in the report card

    5. $3 for "A", "B" & "C" in the report card